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We aim to provide both technically competent and economically attractive solutions in the field of instrumentation in the Philippines. On this website, you will find some of the products that we have experience in using but we are not limited to one product or one single technology. We are interested to know how we can provide a service to our customers by discussing their options. 

Process instrumentation often covers a wide scope involving the implementation of sensors, meters, monitors, and analyzers. If there is something you need assistance with, our technical staff will be happy to discuss a possible solution.


The primary purpose of a tank level sensor is to inform whether a tank..

A pressure sensor is an instrument that senses a mechanical..

A level sensor can also be implemented for use as..

Various advanced technologies are available for precise measurement..


  • 1120 Series Indicators
  • 1220 Series Indicating Switches
  • 1226X Explosion-Proof Switch
  • 1126P-2 Portable Indicator
  • Meri-Cal
  • Sampling
  • Blending
  • Analyzing
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