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Pressure Transmitters

We supply a wide range of pressure sensors and transducers to suit most industrial requirements in the Philippines.

Wide range of Pressure Sensors and Pressure Transmitters
in the Philippines


Liquid Measurement in the Philippines with Inline Refractometers

What are Inline Refractometers?

Inline process refractometers continuously measure a liquid flowing through a pipe or inside a tank, making them ideal for monitoring the amount of one liquid in another liquid, such as sugar in water, salt in water, or methanol in water.

Who else benefits in the Philippines from using a Brix Meter?

Many industries in the Philippines can benefit from using a Brix meter, including food and beverage manufacturers, soft drink and alcohol producers, artificial sweetener and flavoring manufacturers, pharmaceutical and medicine producers, lubrication oil and antiseptic manufacturers, fermentation processes, vaccine production, antibiotics and amino acid development, and R&D projects. Refractometers and Brix meters enable manufacturers to constantly improve their process, quality, and profitability.

Who Benefits in the Philippines from Online Refractometers?

In brief, most all industries in the Philippines dealing with liquids and includes chemical, refining, pulp and paper, food processing plants, sugar mills, sugar production and the pharmaceutical industries.

Chemical Refractometers/Brix Monitoring

Measure the percentage of acids, alkaline solutions, alcohols, oils, solvents, and complex chemicals in other chemicals.

Food and Beverage Brix Meters

Inline Brix meters for TDS ( total dissolved solids) ,breweries, dairy production facilities, ice creams, juices, soft drinks ,meat, fish vegetable processing and all manner of ingredients for flavoring.

Oil Refining and Petrochemical

Loading and unloading operations, sulfuric acid alkylation, amine gas treating, gas dehydration, and lube oil production

Sweeteners Are Not Just Sugar

Food and drink processing plants in the Philippines benefit from Brix measurement, pump, and valve controls for mixing sugar, whether it’s cane sugar or beet sugar. They can finely tune the process by using feedback control to measure how sweet something is.

Need to measure how sweet something is in a process?

In the production of starch sweeteners and sugar substitutes such as glucose (dextrose), fructose glucose syrup, corn syrup, and sorbitol, a Brix sensor can measure and control the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the process.

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Applications for In-Line Refractometers in Philippines

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Range of Refractometers

In-Line Brix-Monitor

In-line model can be incorporated into the piping of manufacturing plants, liquid mixing devices, and washing

Inline Process Refractometers

ATAGO’s inline refractometer meets the safety and health standard institutions EHEDG and 3-A Sanitary Standards requirement for instrumentation’s wetted parts surface

Various Solutions for Measuring Liquid Level in Tanks

  • Level Gauges
  • Level Sensors
  • Level Transmitters
  • Level Switches

We can assist in the selection of various level technologies to suit an application.

Manufacturers supplying sensors.ph

Manufacturers in the industrial instrumentation sector offer a wide range of products designed to enhance process control, safety, and quality assurance across various industries. Here is an elaboration on some of the key products they produce:

These devices measure the level of liquids within storage tanks, providing critical data for inventory management and process control.

These monitors detect and measure the concentration of dust particles in filter houses, ensuring the efficiency of filtration systems.

Designed to detect and count airborne particles in clean rooms to ensure the air quality meets stringent standards.

These devices detect the presence of hazardous gases, ensuring safety in industrial and commercial environments.

Measure the moisture content in solids, liquids, or gases, essential for process control and quality assurance.

Measure the sugar content (Brix) in liquids, a key parameter in the food and beverage industry.

Collect and analyze water samples to assess quality and detect contaminants.

Measure the amount of water in oil, which is critical for machinery lubrication and oil quality.

Ensure safe grounding of tank trucks during loading and unloading operations to prevent static electricity buildup and potential explosions.

Measure the pressure of gases or liquids, crucial for process control and safety.

Collect samples of oil and gas for quality and composition analysis.

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