Kanomax's Product Range

Particle Counters

Our precision particle counters provide accurate particle counting, size analysis, and real-time data logging, making them essential tools for maintaining high air quality standards. These advanced instruments are designed to help users evaluate particle levels and comply with ISO 14644 and USP <797> standards, ensuring optimal conditions in cleanrooms and other controlled environments.


Particle Counters

Offering unparalleled convenience and performance for portable applications. Both product lines offer innovative solutions for precise and reliable particle monitoring.

Kanomax’s innovative Handheld Particle Counters (Models 3888 & 3889) set the standard of instrumentation in cleanroom / operating room monitoring and verification.

Kanomax Portable Particle Counters – Models 3905 and 3910 are the
smallest 6-channel portable particle counters in the industry.

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