HAWK stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction and exceptional service. We understand your need for efficient production and regulatory compliance. We’re dedicated to providing timely, effective solutions to prevent costly downtime. HAWK has a track record of solving complex level and flow measurement challenges and has received awards for innovation and quality manufacturing.


Acoustic Wave Transmitter

Acoustic wave technology is the pinnacle of non-contacting level measurement. Designed with a built-in self-cleaning feature, this low-maintenance, robust sensor self-cleans any build-up from dirt, dust, and debris.

Laser Level Transmitter

HAWK’s laser level transmitters and sensors feature a narrow beam for accurate measurement with limited openings. They are fully programmable and can acquire measurements to practically any surface, even liquids.

Guided Wave Radar

HAWK’s Guided Radar Level Measurement Technology can accurately measure interface levels and auto-calibrate to any dielectric ≥ 1.5. The CGR is hazardous rated for gas & dust with IECEx, FM, CSA, and ATEX. 

Free Space Radar Level

They can measure the distance, level, and volume of liquids, solids, corrosives, powders, granulates, rocks, pastes, and hygienic liquids.

Ultrasonic Level

HAWK’s Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are durable, accurate, and reliable. With ranges up to 40ft, short dead bands, and optional displays, there is a transmitter for practically every application.

Sludge Level Sensors

HAWK’s Sludge Level and Bed Level Systems can measure and control wastewater clarifiers and thickeners. It also can measure up to two density interfaces simultaneously, either bed level or floc/fluff layer.

Hawk Level

What truly distinguishes HAWK is our commitment to customer satisfaction and high-level service. We understand what you’re up against, efficient production and regulatory compliance are critical to your bottom line. We don’t leave you hanging – ever. Your needs are time sensitive, so we make every effort to deliver responsive service and solutions that eliminate costly downtime.


HAWK has successfully solved a wide-range of level and flow measurement applications, in even the most difficult and harsh environments. HAWK has won several prestigious awards for quality manufacturing, innovation and breakthrough technology.

Hawk's Expertise

Instrumentation and Technical Assistance

Our technical experts are on hand to provide guidance, training, and assistance, ensuring you get the most accurate and reliable measurements possible.


Our hands-on approach ensures that our measurement solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing systems and processes.

Ongoing Asset

ur asset management services help you maintain optimal performance and efficiency throughout the lifecycle of your systems.

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