At ORI, our name embodies two fundamental principles: quality and safety. We stand as the sole manufacturer producing nearly all our products in strict accordance with the ATEX/IECEX guidelines. This commitment to excellence extends from our family-owned company, nestled in Hille, East Westphalia, Germany.


Fixed Water Sampling Systems

The stationary NEMO is available with different sampling dosing systems and an integrated multi-channel

Portable Water Samplers

A predefined sampling sequence (pre-programmed by the user) via a potential-free contact (button or switch)

Quality and Sustainability

What drives us at ORI is not just the business itself, but the relentless passion to innovate and elevate our ideas. This dedication is aimed at producing products and services of the highest quality. Why? Because these products and services are more than just commercial ventures; they are our contribution to the protection of a precious resource – water.

Quality isn’t just a standard we meet; it’s a commitment that permeates everything we do. From our manufacturing processes adhering to stringent ATEX/IECEX guidelines to our ongoing quest for innovation, we are resolute in our pursuit of excellence.

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