Located in its own premises in Eunos Tech Park Singapore and has been in operation since its founders inception in 1985 . Elok-Asia have been suppliers to upstream and downstream, transportation and refinery clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei ,Philippines  and other worldwide global locations for more than 40 years.


Electrostatic Grounding Tester

The Grounding Testers will ensure that everything is in place (safe) before unloading or loading. 

Zone 0 Camera

Extremely robust camera system for transmission (up to 120m) of a video signal from inside zone “0” to outside the hazardous area.

EX Speaker - DB3

Modern high powered professional warning/alarm sounder for hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres.

Ensuring Safety in Truck Loading/Unloading with Electrostatic Grounding Testers

When trucks or tankers undergo loading or unloading without proper grounding, static electricity buildup becomes a significant hazard. This buildup increases voltage, creating the potential for sparks in hazardous surroundings. Our Electrostatic Grounding Testers prevent such risks, ensuring compliance with safety standards like IEC 60079-32-1, offering a secure solution for operations in explosive atmospheres.

What is Electrostatic?

Electrostatic forces, a captivating facet of physics, embody the attractive or repulsive forces exerted between particles, all stemming from their electric charges. These forces, synonymous with the Coulomb force or Coulomb interaction, owe their name to the pioneering work of the eminent French physicist Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, who meticulously articulated this phenomenon in 1785.

At the core of electrostatics lies the intricate dance of electric charges, giving rise to forces that dictate the interactions between particles. Whether drawing particles together or compelling them to repel, these electrostatic forces play a pivotal role in shaping the behavior of charged entities.

The Role of Electrostatic Grounding Testers

Electrostatic Grounding Testers play a pivotal role in industrial settings where static electricity could lead to hazardous situations. By providing a comprehensive and real-time assessment of grounding conditions, these testers ensure that sparks never occur during product transfer. This not only protects personnel and assets but also aligns with international safety recommendations, such as those outlined in IEC 60079-32-1.

In summary, an Electrostatic Grounding Tester is a sophisticated safety tool designed to eliminate the risks associated with static electricity during the critical phases of loading and unloading in industrial operations. Its multi-layered safety features make it an indispensable component for maintaining a secure working environment in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Other Typical / Possible Applications Might Include

Distributing Chemicals in a process Plant

Storing Propane

Aircraft refuelling/ Fuel Transfer

Pharmaceutical Applications

How Electrostatic Grounding Testers Work?

The Grounding Testers guarantee a secure environment before loading or unloading. This involves connecting the grounding system to the tank and chassis of the truck, ensuring a link to true earth, and maintaining the truck-to-earth ground resistance below 10 Ohms.

Indicator lights provide crucial information:

  • A red light signals disconnected clamps, prompting attention for a secure connection.
  • Another red light warns of short circuits, such as improper clamp connections to the terminal construction.
  • A green light confirms correct grounding of the tanker and stays lit when the grounding state remains correct.

When the grounding clamp is attached to the truck at the designated point, the Grounding Tester electronics initiate the measurement of electrical signals. This safety feature ensures exclusive connection to the tank, avoiding parts of the truck isolated from the tank. Additionally, the tester guarantees its connection to true earth through its grounding rod.

Moisture and temperature can impact the grounding rod’s integrity, so the grounding tester verifies that the ground rod’s resistance to earth is low enough for safe loading/unloading operations.

Once deemed safe to operate, the Grounding Tester confirms (with a Green Light) that the truck’s connection to the ground does not exceed 10 Ohms. If the grounding tester detects a rise in resistance beyond 10 Ohms, the interlock mechanism with volt-free contacts is activated, automatically stopping operations. This ensures that sparking never occurs during product transfer, safeguarding personnel and assets.

Two Elok electrostatic grounding testers are demonstrated, where a red light indicates a condition not suitable for operation, while a green light signifies a safe state for activities like loading or unloading.

Note: The Elok electrostatic grounding testers are versatile and not confined to tank truck loading/unloading scenarios. They are crucial in other settings with potential ignition sources (like static electricity) in areas containing flammable gases and dust. Various industries mandate bonding and grounding for safety, and Elok can assist your organization in achieving compliance, particularly in tasks involving dispensing, transferring, mixing, or loading flammable liquids from one vessel to another.

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