Air Particle Monitors for Clean Rooms

Kanomax stands as a trusted source for cutting-edge measurement solutions, playing a pivotal role in driving technological innovation and enhancing quality standards. Our deep commitment to precision, quality, and environmental management processes makes us a leader in providing advanced air particle monitors for clean rooms.


Our airflow testing instruments provide reliable measurements of air velocity, volumetric flow rate, differential pressure, and temperature, allowing you to assess and fine-tune your ventilation systems for maximum efficiency. 

Kanomax employs diverse wind tunnels during manufacturing to guarantee dependable precision. This particular anemometer plays a vital role in achieving precise readings for cleanroom certifications, laminar flow assessments, and the development of research and development products.

Our precision particle monitors provide accurate counting, size analysis, and real-time data logging. Utilize our advanced tech to evaluate particle levels, meet ISO 14644 and USP <797> standards, and enhance air quality for optimal conditions.

Our dust monitors use cutting-edge laser tech and particle counting to measure particle sizes like PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 accurately. With our equipment, you can assess dust levels, identify pollutant sources, and take effective measures to protect staff and the environment.

The Aeroqual S Series of IAQ and Gas Monitors offer air quality professionals and private citizens around the world the ability to accurately test and monitor a range of gases.

Air Particle Monitors for Clean Rooms

Our Core Focus

Sustaining Human

At Kanomax, our central aim goes beyond industry confines. We are firmly committed to safeguarding human welfare in vital domains such as the environment, healthcare, and energy. This steadfast dedication underscores all our offerings, be it products or services.

Kanomax's Sustainability Initiatives

Quality and Environmental Management

Kanomax plays a pivotal role in enhancing quality and environmental management processes. We understand that businesses today must operate with a heightened focus on sustainability, and our products and services are designed to facilitate this transition.

Health and Safety
Across Industries

We take pride in being a part of diverse industries, ensuring health and safety across the board. From the precise demands of the automotive and aerospace sectors to the stringent requirements of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, Kanomax is your partner in excellence.

A Commitment to
Human Well-Being

Kanomax's commitment to human well-being goes beyond the industries we serve. Our technology plays a vital role in safeguarding the environment, preserving health, and contributing to efficient energy management.

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