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Specialty/ Customer Sensor

MoistTech’s specialty and custom sensors are designed to enhance production efficiency through optimal moisture control. These sensors offer numerous advantages, including energy and fuel savings due to precise dryer control, reduced material losses, comprehensive monitoring of the manufacturing process, and improved overall plant effectiveness. By providing accurate moisture and coating readings across the product web, these sensors are ideal for applications such as paper production, films, and other converting industries.


Specialty / Customer Sensor

Providing precise measurements without direct contact

Producing paper, films, and other converting applications can require a moisture and coating reading acorss the web of the product.

The MoistTech Explosion Proof Enclosure provides all of the key benefits of our near-infrared

Manufacturing food components such as dressings, sauces, soft cheeses, chocolate, condiments and more

A revolutionary new non-hazardous approach to the moisture analysis for some of the toughest application.

MoistTech developed the 3000-IP67 online NIR sensor to withstand wash-downs and dusty / dirty environments

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