Gas Sampling

KPS turn-key automatic gas sampling systems are widely used by major gas-producing companies for custody transfers and fiscal metering. These systems determine the BTUs, specific gravity units (SGU), and hydrocarbon dew point of gas streams, which are crucial for registration during claims, supplier control, and preventing unnecessary payments. Built to ISO 8943/ISO 10715 standards, KPS systems ensure truly representative composite samples, even with ‘wet’ gas that contains contaminants and heavy hydrocarbons. The systems use multi-stage pressure reducers to maintain sample integrity and minimize the need for complex field instrumentation.

KPS’s extensive experience and innovative design lead to low-maintenance, high-accuracy automatic sampling systems, enhanced by CFD modeling software. The construction process involves selecting the right components and integrating them with deep process knowledge, resulting in systems that meet specific customer requirements. Typically, a KPS gas sampling system includes three samplers that take independent, comparable samples stored in constant pressure bottles. These bottles prevent atmospheric or mutual contamination and store multiple small samples to maximize representativeness. Additionally, the systems can be automated with remote I/Os and DCS or PLC compatibility to monitor yield and reliability.

Liquid Sampling

KPS, based in Rhoon and Ridderkerk near the Rotterdam Europoort, a major global oil hub, specializes in custody transfers of crude oils. Their turn-key automatic sampling systems are installed at major oil storage terminals and refineries worldwide for fiscal metering purposes.

In automatic crude oil sampling, KPS integrates the right components with deep process knowledge to ensure accurate results. Proper materials are selected based on oil composition and contaminants. With nearly 100 samplers installed in the Rotterdam harbor, KPS has developed low-maintenance, sustainable, and highly accurate systems, leveraging CFD modeling software. These systems are used to verify bills of loading and oil composition, crucial for client claims, supplier control, and preventing unnecessary payments. Built to ISO 3171, API, IP, and ASTM standards, KPS provides truly representative and reliable composite samples.

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