Water in Oil Monitors

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Eesiflo is a specialist company with a focus on designing and producing monitors to measure and control the amount of water in an oil or fuel. These are online sensors which continuously report the status of water contamination in a low dielectric liquid to an operator. These sensors help reduce the need for excessive spot sampling, since they are sensing the moisture build-up online. 


The EASZ-1 Water-Cut Monitor is a reliable online instrument that has been in use for more than a decade. It is a low powered 2-wire solution for water in oil measurements.

The EASZ-2 LR is an “Easy 2 Use” online instrument that is far more accurate and repeatable than it’s predecessors.

Ultrasonic thickness gauge can easily measure the thickness of sheet metal or any sonically conductive material.

Water in Oil Monitors


Ideal for online water-cut monitoring, this low-powered, 2-wire solution measures water in oil with unparalleled reliability. It’s suitable for both offshore and onshore environments and offers simplified zero calibration on dry oil with the press of a button. The percentage calibration is achieved using RS-232 or HART communication protocols.


Known as the “Easy 2 Use” monitor, the EASZ-2 LR excels in accuracy and repeatability, especially in lower concentrations of water. This instrument ensures precision without compromise, maintaining faithful accuracy in industrial environments.


Our EASZ monitors are versatile and have been successfully installed in a variety of settings, including:

In lubrication systems, maintaining the correct moisture level is crucial to prevent equipment wear and tear.

Hydraulic systems rely on oil to transmit power. Any presence of water can lead to corrosion, reduced efficiency, and system failures.

Engine oils must be free of water to ensure efficient combustion and prevent damage.

Power plants use various oils for lubrication, cooling, and insulation. Moisture in these oils can lead to inefficiencies and potential failures.

In offshore environments, controlling moisture in oil is critical due to harsh conditions and stringent regulations.

Accurate moisture measurement in metering systems is essential for billing and operational efficiency.

Pipelines transporting oil need to ensure the product is free from water to avoid corrosion and flow restrictions.

Our monitors assist in optimizing the separation process by providing precise moisture content data, ensuring the oil output is of high quality.

Chemical plants use various oils in their processes, where moisture can affect chemical reactions and product quality.

Marine vessels use oil for lubrication and fuel. Water contamination can lead to serious engine and machinery issues.

 EASZ monitors provide the necessary data to control moisture levels, enhancing overall operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

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