Oil and Gas Sampling Systems

Specialists in automatic sampling, analyzing & blending. KPS is the specialist and leader in the design, production and maintenance in sampling, analyzing and blending systems for the oil and gas industry, with specific solutions for oil, gas, biofuels, hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2)

KPS turn-key automatic gas sampling systems are installed at many of the major gas producing companies for custody transfers of fiscal metering purposes. 

A controlled method for continuously mixing components within a pipeline according to a predefined specification.

Oil-in-water analyzers are used to determine the quality of the oil during oil production, for HSE purposes or to obtain more information about the behavior of water emissions.

MTC Background on Sampling Systems

Crude oil samplers are used to collect samples for quality and compositional analysis, installed in pipelines, storage facilities, and transfer stations. These samplers ensure representative samples of the entire flow, which is critical for accurate analysis and valuation.

Natural gas samplers capture representative samples for quality and component analysis and are typically used in gas processing plants, pipelines, and distribution systems. These systems often include features to handle the high pressures and temperatures of natural gas environments.

Light liquid hydrocarbon samplers collect samples of refined products such as gasoline, naphtha, and jet fuel. Utilized in refineries, distribution terminals, and transportation pipelines, they ensure samples are taken without contamination, preserving the product’s integrity for accurate testing.

Hydrogen samplers, used in refining and chemical processes, are found in hydrogen production facilities, storage, and distribution networks. They are designed to manage hydrogen’s unique properties, including its low molecular weight and high diffusivity.

Inline mixers and blenders, employed in refineries, petrochemical plants, and pipelines, mix and blend various hydrocarbon streams to ensure uniformity and consistency in the final product. These mixers and blenders are crucial for creating homogeneous samples and products necessary for accurate sampling and analysis.

We have personnel in our organization who are familiar with automatic sampling systems. These are crude oil sampling systems, refined product samplers, condensate sampling skids, natural gas sampling and more. Automatic sampling skids are installed in both offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities. They are often also an integral part of metering systems built to international custody transfer requirements.

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