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Sensors & Applications

Measurement Technologies Corporation can assist in the selection process of online sensor types for various applications including level, moisture and concentration.


EASZ 2 is an online water in fuel detector, diesel generator, lubricant system and oil separator. The instrument make sure that lube oil is free from water contamination. It has been installed in many power plants around the world.


Technologies including vibration, capacitive, conductive, radar, pressure, interface, point level, switches and continuous level…

Measurements based particles interacting with an isolated sensor connected to the channel or stack. When particles…

Our airflow testing instruments include air velocity meters, airflow capture hoods (i.e. balometers), micromanometers, a duct….

A wide choice of equipment including various gas detector heads and associated environmental monitoring and control units…

Moisture measurement for tobacco, snack foods, textiles, wood, paper, pulp and animal food using state of the art infrared sensors for process optimization where humidity and condensation….

Atago Co., Ltd. was found in 1940 which is a manufacturer of professional instruments in Japan. It produces refractometers, polarimeters, Brix mete..


Continuously monitoring wastewater qualities to directly use drain water for irrigation. It specializes in developing, making, and trading…

EESIFLO measures liquid concentrations by utilizing dielectric methods as opposed to the standard optical systems…

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Customer-focused and innovative with a team of experts who understand customer needs, problems and applications for services such as custody transfers, refinery processes and filtration of hydrocarbons.

Products from Elok-Asia

Here are the items we think you might be seeking, thoughtfully selected to align with your specific requirements and needs.

Zone 0 Camera

This unique camera system is a device that is powered by mains source but designed to operate in Zone 0 hazardous areas. This is ideal for tank inspection, pipelines and other applications e.g. drainage tunnels/canals where methane gas can build up.

Electrostatic Grounding Tester

For continuous electrostatic grounding of trucks, wagons, containers and big bags when loading and unloading ensuring safe operation.

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