What is a Pressure Sensor?

A pressure sensor is an instrument that senses a mechanical pressure and either displays this pressure, transits this pressure to another location or both.

Stand-alone Pressure Transducer (pressure sensing part/transducer) 
Simple Pressure Transmitter with output signal. With or without display 
A Wide Range of Pressure Transmitters to suit various gas liquid and steam applications
Complete set of pressure transmitter which includes transducer coupled to transmitter
with local display and various analog and digital outputs. 
What units are these pressures measured in?

Although there has been a move to standardize on SI units e.g pascals, there are many other units both imperial and metric in origin that are commonly used in industrial settings. The pressure transmitters offer a wide range of measurement units in metric, imperial and SI Units.

Table showing common pressure units in industrial settings

• atmospheres
• bars
• centimeters mercury
• centimeters water
• feet of water
• hectopascals (hPa)
• inches of water
• inches of mercury
• kilogram-forces/sq. centimeter
• kilogram-forces/sq. meter
• kilopascals (kPa)
• kips/sq. Inch
• meganewtons/sq. meter
• meters of water
• millibars
• millimeters of mercury

• millimeter of water
• newtons/sq. centimeter
• newtons/sq. meter
• newtons/sq. millimeter
• pascals (Pa)
• pounds-force/sq. foot
• pound-force/sq. inch
• poundals/sq. foot
• tons (UK)-force/sq. foot
• tons (UK)-force/sq. inch
• tons (US)-force/sq. foot
• tons (US)-force/sq. foot
• tonnes-force/sq. cm
• tonnes-force/sq. meter
• torr (mm Hg 0°C)

For pressure unit conversions visit:

Our standard specifications are published in Mpa. For example, a common type of pressure transmitter might have a range of 0-100Mpa. Our standard pressure transmitters have 22 default engineering units which can be selected through the programming keypad.

How could we best classify pressure transmitters?

To make it easier for clarification, engineers and technicians normally divide pressure sensors /pressure transmitters into three groups.

  1. Gauge Pressure sensors
  2. Absolute Pressure sensors
  3. Differential Pressure sensors.
  4. Level Sensors (by pressure measurement)

Contact us with your pressure measurement requirements so that we can select the most appropriate pressure transmitter or differential transmitter for your application whether it be measuring absolute pressure, gage pressure or part of a level sensing set up in a tank. If the fluid is other than water in a tank, a calibration factor can be applied to the transmitter that will adjust for the deviation from standard water column readings.

Send your pressure measurement requirements by answering the following: 

Pressure measurement 

a. Gauge Pressure 

b. Absolute Pressure 

c. Vacuum 

Measurement Range

a. 0-100 MPa

b. Other (Please Specify)


a. ± 0.1%

b. Other (Please Specify)

Process Media Type

a. Please specify fluid and application

Media Temperature

a. -40-120℃

b. Other (Please Specify)

Process Connection 

Threaded or Flanged (specify size and type)

We supply a full range of pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters in the Philippines. Standard pressure devices are normally quick delivery. Custom ranges, connections and higher accuracies are available on request.

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