Dust Monitors for Filter Houses

Sintrol works with systems providers controlling air pollution, including manufacturers of bag filters and electrostatic precipitators. These partners benefit from dust monitors that monitor the efficiency of air filtration systems. Bag filter houses separate particles and dust from gas or air streams before they are exhausted into the environment. Dust sensors maintain the dust concentration of emission gases below preset levels, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

dust monitors


Sintrol dust monitors reduce discovery time for filter malfunctions, thereby, reducing maintenance costs, preventing equipment contamination and product loss, and ultimately increasing plant availability. Sintrol monitors are of the highest quality and most advanced technology.

Sintrol process monitoring involves the continuous observation and measurement of various parameters within an industrial or operational context. Its primary purpose is to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, safety, and compliance with regulations.

Our precision particle monitors provide accurate counting, size analysis, and real-time data logging. Utilize our advanced tech to evaluate particle levels, meet ISO 14644 and USP <797> standards, and enhance air quality for optimal conditions.

Dust Monitors for Filter Houses

Serving a Diverse Spectrum of Industries

Sintrol’s reach extends to numerous industries, including the process industry, power plants, equipment manufacturers, universities, food production, and more. We offer high-quality solutions and dust measuring devices tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you’re focused on government emissions control, workplace health improvement, or equipment protection, our solutions are designed to empower you.

We work with systems providers who are controlling air pollution.  These might include manufacturers of bag filters and electrostatic precipitators who will benefit from dust sensors which will be used to monitor the efficiency of the air filtration. The bag filter houses aim to separate particles and dust from the gas or air stream before they are sent through an exhaust to the environment. The dust sensors help maintain the dust concentration of the emission gas as much as possible so that it does not go above a preset level.


Our Product Range

Domestic and Export Market

We take immense pride in serving both domestic and international markets with our range of particulate matter measurement devices. Our products have earned the confidence of customers worldwide, and our export capabilities allow us to extend our commitment to precision and reliability globally.

Diverse Applications

Our product range is not limited to particulate matter monitors alone. We also focus on process industry analysis, process protection, measurement, automation, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), and laboratory equipment. Our versatile solutions can address a wide spectrum of measurement requirements, ensuring we have the tools you need to achieve precision.

Delivering Comprehensive Solutions

One of our key strengths at Sintrol is our dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions to support our customers’ businesses. We believe that true success lies not only in the quality of individual devices but also in how these devices work together to optimize your operations.

Precision in Every Device

Our commitment to precision and innovation has made us a trusted name in both domestic and international markets. We specialize in providing high-quality measurement solutions that cater to a variety of applications, from environmental monitoring to industrial process control.

Range of Dust Monitoring Solutions

Particulate Monitoring Devices

Sintrol's particulate monitoring devices are known for their accuracy and dependability. These devices are widely used in industries where controlling dust emissions is a critical environmental and health concern.

Custom Solutions

We understand that one size does not fit all. Sintrol provides tailored solutions to address specific industry needs, whether it's for government emissions control, workplace health, equipment protection, or any other application.

Industry Applications

From power plants and universities to food manufacturers and process industries, our dust monitoring solutions find applications in a wide range of industries

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