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Measurement Technologies Corporation can assist in the selection process of online sensor types for various applications including level, moisture and concentration. We also source and configure special sensors or software for unique applications that conventional sensors cannot accommodate.

Water in Diesel Monitors

Water in Diesel Monitors

In the realm of diesel fuel production and quality assurance, precise control of moisture content is of paramount importance. The EASZ-2 low range water in diesel monitor steps in as a trusted ally in this endeavor. By installing this advanced monitoring system, you gain the ability to continuously and accurately measure the moisture content of diesel fuel in real-time.


One of the standout features of the EASZ-2 monitor is its built-in temperature compensation mechanism. This capability ensures that the monitor can maintain its reliable and repeatable measurements throughout the entire production process, even in the face of varying temperatures.

Ensure the quality of your diesel fuel with the EASZ-2 low-range water in diesel monitor, designed for real-time moisture content measurement. This online solution is equipped with built-in temperature compensation, allowing it to provide consistent and accurate measurements throughout the entire process. Say goodbye to uncertainties in your diesel quality and maintain confidence in your fuel production.

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