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Water in Oil Measurement in Chocolate factory

Water in Oil Measurement in Chocolate factory

EASZ-2 Water-In-Oil Monitor, a game-changing solution for enhancing quality control in chocolate manufacturing. In a chocolate factory, maintaining the highest product quality is paramount, and our innovative technology has revolutionized the process. This state-of-the-art system is a full-bore inline and online monitor specifically designed for continuously tracking the water content in hydrocarbon-based media, such as the oils used in chocolate production.


EESiFlo’s device is strategically installed in the supply line, immediately following the melting station, and just before the storage tank. This strategic placement allows for precise monitoring and control over the water content in the oil mixture before it proceeds to the production floor for further processing and packaging. This innovative technology has significantly improved the quality control of chocolate production at the factory, ensuring that the end product consistently meets the highest standards.


By monitoring and maintaining optimal water levels in the oil used in chocolate production, our system not only enhances quality control but also safeguards against issues like additive depletion, oil oxidation, corrosion, reduced lubrication film thickness, accelerated component wear rates, and microbiological growth. Ultimately, the EASZ-2 Water-In-Oil Monitor is an invaluable addition to your chocolate manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality products reach your customers.

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