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Measurement Technologies Corporation can assist in the selection process of online sensor types for various applications including level, moisture and concentration. We also source and configure special sensors or software for unique applications that conventional sensors cannot accommodate.

Water in Fish Oil

Water in Fish Oil

EESIFLO proudly introduces one of its exceptional applications – the online water measurement in fish oil. Our innovative EASZ-2 excels at precisely measuring water content in oil. Whether you’re utilizing a centrifuge or a high-speed separator, the EASZ-2 stands as the ideal online instrument for the task at hand. By ensuring that the water content in fish oil remains within optimal levels, this innovative solution guarantees that your end product meets the highest standards of quality and purity. Say goodbye to uncertainties in your fish oil processing, thanks to the EASZ-2’s precise and reliable water measurement capabilities.

EESIFLO’s list of unique applications includes online water measurement in fish oil . The Easz-2 measures the content of water in oil by sending a change in the dielectric constant . The disparity between the fish oil dielectric constant and that of water makes it easy for the unit to pick up small changes in water . This is a valuable asset to fish oil separators which are designed to take out the water . Whether it is a centrifuge or high speed separator , the Easz-2 is the perfect online instrument for the job.

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