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Inline Measurement Sensor for Water Content in Coconut Oil

Water in Coconut Oil

EESIFLO collaborates with food and beverage process designers to elevate the quality of end products, such as virgin coconut oil, right from the production line. Our technology isn’t limited to coconut oil; it’s a versatile solution applicable to various oils in different processing scenarios. Our dedicated development team continually seeks opportunities to enhance our customers’ bottom line by delivering ongoing quality assessments for their products.

In the realm of virgin coconut oil processing, maintaining the right water content is a paramount concern. Excessive water in coconut oil can significantly impact its quality and shelf life. To ensure the highest product standards, it’s crucial to keep water content at minimal levels. This is where the EASZ-2 low-range water in oil monitoring system comes into play, optimizing the oil-making process.


With our online monitoring solution, operators can now sidestep the need for cumbersome and time-consuming manual sampling. This system provides real-time insights into water contamination, offering a more accurate and efficient approach.

In virgin coconut oil processing plants, it is important to control the water content. Too much water in coconut oil greatly affects it’s quality and shortens it’s shelf life. The average water content for virgin coconut oil should be controlled to the lowest levels manageable. The EASZ-2 low range water in oil monitoring system ensures that the oil making process is working optimally. The addition of our online monitor means that the operators do not have to be concerned about taking too many samples. Taking samples is not only time consuming but also does not represent the amount of water contamination in real time.


EESIFLO has been cooperating with food and drink process designers to provide better ways of ensuring that the end product (in this case, virgin coconut oil) is of the highest quality before it even reaches the end of the production line. The technology is not only limited to the measurement of coconut oil but in fact it can be applied to a multiple host of oils in different process plant scenarios. Our development team is always eager to implement the units on applications where online measurements will vastly improve our customer’s bottom line by continual reporting of the quality of their products.

Top 5 producers of coconut in the Philippines

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Major producers of coconut in the Philippines include the regions of CALABARZON, Zamboanga Peninsula, Davao, and Northern Mindanao. Being referred to as the “tree of life” due to its wide array of uses, coconut is mainly exported as products like virgin coconut oil (VCO) and desiccated coconut.

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