Philippines Emerges as Global Coconut Industry Powerhouse, Davao Region Leads Production Surge

Philippines Ranks 2nd Globally in Coconut Industry Employment, with Davao Region as a Key Hub

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Davao Region is probably the largest producer of coconuts in 2024 with over a 10% share. Still, coconuts grow all over the Philippines and are responsible for providing work for more than two million workers.

Amidst this thriving industry, coconut oil emerges as a key player, adding a refreshing dimension to the sector. The Philippines, with its diverse coconut-growing regions like Zamboanga Peninsula, Calabarzon, and Northern Mindanao, plays a pivotal role in the global coconut market.  As coconuts flourish across the archipelago, their multifaceted utility generates economic opportunities and sustains livelihoods, making coconut a valuable commodity within the broader coconut industry.

coconut oil philippines is a company focused on inline concentration measurements which are important in coconut production.

Types of Coconut Water Products

There are many coconut derived products to mention but it might be worth types of coconut products that have provided solutions as part of their customer’s factory process. The two areas have been inline measurements of sugar content in coconut water and coconut cream as well as water content in virgin coconut oil. 


For sugar concentration measurements in coconut water processes, our solution is to use the Atago inline refractometer. This unit comes with the option of either installing it directly into the pipe or by using a bypass. Refractometers need to have their optical surfaces cleaned now and again, so the option is either a mechanical type cleaning device or a permanently installed ultrasonic cleaner.

To measure the water concentration or increased moisture in virgin coconut oil, we have installed the EASZ-2 dielectric based instrument.

For more information and assistance on inline concentration sensors feel free to contact us.

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EASZ-1 Overview Features & Benefits Specifications Overview The EASZ-1 is a hazardous area approved online monitor that measures the amount

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