EESiflo Device Sets New Standards for Real-time Water in Fat/Oil Measurement

Water in Fat/Oil Measurement in Chocolate Factory

EESiflo Device Elevates Chocolate Production

The implementation of the EESiflo system has significantly improved the quality control of the chocolate produced at the factory. By accurately measuring the water content in the chocolate mixture, operators can make real-time adjustments, ensuring that each batch meets the desired quality standards.

Some chocolate factories have expressed their enthusiasm for this technology, because it allows them to check the consistency of water in their chocolate product in real-time. They are hoping that with real-time monitoring alarms, they can respond quickly to any deviations in the production process, ultimately delivering better chocolate to their customers.



The pictures below show the HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch panel. It is capable of storing measurements/ data up to six devices over 1 month. An alarm can be triggered if any device reaches the set point and tower light will show 3 colour conditions i.e red for over range, yellow for maintenance period, green for normal operation

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